Nanofluid Surface Technology

Trivalent Bonding Polysiloxane

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Corrosion and UV Protection

Corrosion protection is the name of the game. 30 day salt fog test equals 3 years in the gulf. When nanofluid surface technology polysiloxane trivalent bonding Infiniti Coating Solutions products are applied the pores on the substrate are opened up. When the product cures the coating and substrate become one. This is a chemical bond not a superficial paint that has a mechanical bond. A trivalent crosslink bond is achieved at the atomic level connecting at 24 points on each atom with the coating and the substrate which will not allow any moisture to penetrate providing superior corrosion protection.

Infiniti Coating Solutions products can be applied to surfaces that are already showing signs of corrosion. Surface oxidation is removed thereby halting any future corrosion and preserving assets for many years. 

Increase Efficiency

Increase performance and efficiency on HVAC/R units, coils, tubing and pipes.

For example: When the coating is applied to an air conditioning coil the bond between the tube and fin becomes more rigid thereby increasing thermal transfer properties.  The fins also become more rigid thereby increasing laminar air flow.

Testing shows that the amp draw on the compressor is decreased thereby reducing energy requirements.

Infiniti Coating Solutions products are also hydrophylic. When coating the inside of tubes or pipes increase flow is achieved.  Hydrophylic also means that items coated with Infiniti Coating Solutions products shed water and ice more freely.

Friction Reduction

The coefficient of friction is reduced when Infiniti Coating Solutions products are applied. 

For example: When applied to boats in the marine industry, knots are increased with the same amount of throttle thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

High Temperature

Infiniti Coating Solutions products can withstand temperatures of 1,200 degrees F.


Infiniti Coating Solutions products are antimicrobial which means organic compounds cannot permanently attach on the surface of items coated.

Colors, Finishes, Surfaces and Materials

Infinti Coating Solutions products are available in clear or color.

Finishes include matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

The wet thickness of the applied coating is 1-2 mills thick.

Can be applied to any type of surface.

Materials include: Aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized, stainless steel, ferrous metals, plastic, fiberglass, tile, laminate.

Other products that can only be applied to one type of material require masking then applying a second or third product. Infinti Coating Solutions products can be applied on multiple surfaces reducing the amount of time to mask off surfaces that only one product can be applied to at a time.

Product Downloads

Infiniti Coating Solutions Safety and Technical Datasheets. Please contact us to determine which product is the best solution for your application.

Serving many industries


Increase efficiency while providing corrosion and UV protection.

ColorShield Powder Coating Alternative

Polysiloxane trivalent bond at the molecular level. Not a superficial paint.

Sand blasting not required for surface preparation and no heat required for curing.

Food & Beverage - Hospitals

The antimicrobial properties of Infininiti Coating Solutions products allow for numerous applications in the Food & Beverage and Hospital industries.

NSF testing and certification is currently in process.

Municipal Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Eliminate and prevent barnacle growth on pipes and test equipment.


Coat your boat once every 2 years or wax it every six months. Save fuel, increase speed, and protect surface from barnacle and mussel growth.

Mining, OIl & Gas

Protect your assets from the sun and corrosion. Coat your pumps, motors, valves, generators, transformers, tanks and any other asset.

Facilities and Safety

Clearly mark all signage, guard rails, fencing, bollard, transformers, tanks, compressors, metal buildings, roofs, A/C units


Amusement Parks, Cruise Ships, Sports Stadiums, Concert Venues

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